1050 kilometre walk from York, North Yorkshire to Santiago, Spain

Ian and Debbie Thackeray will be departing on Easter Monday, 13th April 2020
Due to recent events we will be delaying our set off date till later in 2020
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A Spiritual Adventure - a chance to step away, need and consume less, experience the meditative nature of a journey within. Reflect on the past and leave it behind.

This pilgrimage has no faith and every faith, it is open to all. There is a heritage of pilgrimage in its widest context that influences and is undertaken by all humanity, what ever their faith or belief, it is universal. The sense of walking in the footsteps of countless generations is very powerful, motivating and humbling.

The 1020 Challenge - the walking element York to London, London to Portsmouth, Santander to Santiago is mapped at 1019 kilometres. It may be more or less. But there is an energy in the expression ‘1020 Challenge’. Plunge in with abandon and trust in the universe to provide. Remember what Amanda Palmer said “you have to ask”, because this is undertaken as a fund raising event for Medicines San Frontierès and Crisis.

The issuing of the Compostela (pilgrimage certificate) in the cathedral in Santiago marks the official end of the pilgrimage. The numbers provide a good indication of the growing popularity of the pilgrimage - up from 2491 in 1986 to 327,378 in 2018.

Emotional Experience that helps us define love between us, We value each other - we match each other - our ideas and beliefs gel. An opportunity to change our lives, clear our minds, breathe some clean air and spend an extended time together.

Mortality leaving something behind

A door that was closed through illness is now open - we want to shove it wide open and march on through. We always enjoyed walking but never had the energy and time. The time is now but is limited - we will be 60 and 62.

We want our grandchildren to remember us as their ‘bonkers grandparents’ that created something. Our daughters do point out that they will think we are bonkers anyway. There is a book to be written, historical and geographical connections and features to be recorded for future visits; conversations to be remembered and videos to be made to record it all. We want to create a legacy that our descendants can remember and enjoy.

The Route

York - Santiago

The Romans called York Eboracum. The place where the yew trees grow. Santiago was established in the 8C, the place of St James.

York to London - 320 kilometres

Ermine Street or the A1. The backbone of England since Roman times has a wealth of rich historical detail to experience, describe and record.

London to Portsmouth - 212 kilometres

The lost route to the sea - following the old inland waterway routes.

Portsmouth to Santander - Brittany Ferries

Santander to Santiago - 500 kilometres

via ‘Camino del Norte’

Originally an ancient route following the coast of the Iberian peninsula. The Romans co-opted it for their road to ‘Finisterre’. It became the main route to the resting place of St James in the 8th & 9th Century.

Finish: Santiago Cathedral

Earliest recorded English pilgrim to Santiago in 1092. Of course ignores any of the pre Christian travellers to the region.



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Generosity and giving

Britain feels very fractured and bitter, factionalised and unhearing This an opportunity to show the generosity of individuals regardless of faith, belief, colour or tribe. We believe that people will help, with food and accommodation, cups of tea, and hopefully a glass of wine. A lavatory and a place to camp. All practical gifts and acts of generosity help us donate more to our chosen cause of MSF.

Think and believe what you like but be generous.

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